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  • Inteligentní záchranný modul

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    The project “Smart Safety Module” integrates social, economic and technical aspects. The municipalities are offered an economically reasonable solution to cope with the needs of homeless people. The project also includes a proposition on homeless people employment. The Module is designed to benefit from the natural body heat of the users. All additional maintenance processes of the Modul are powered by solar energy so it is completely self-sufficient.

  • Ke kořenům

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    To The Roots provides ecological funerals and bereavement counselling. Czech funeral rituals are in crisis, so we want to revive this very important rite of passage with new green impulses. We empower the bereaved by helping them with organisation of unique ecological and DIY funerals. Participation of the bereaved in funeral planning helps them to cope with their loss of a loved one. Aestethically pleasing surroundings of natural burial sites also have therapeutic impact.

  • Rekola

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    We believe that every city deserves bikesharing. And that you can start one without city council support or thousands of dollars. We’re making it happen in Prague right now and would love to spread the idea into more cities.
    Our system is different from most bikesharing systems, as we are not using any fixed stations. Bikes are just locked on the streets with normal code bike lock. You have a mobile application that gives you the right code to unlock a bike in front of you. After that you just ride wherever you want to. And you lock the bike anywhere you want for someone else to pick it up.

  • Joy Ride!

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    JOY RIDE! is a program dedicated to social integration. Ultimately, JOY RIDE! comes with a frank ambition — to unite handicapped youth with their non-handicapped peers in the most favorable environment — holiday tour. Being together, side by side, should mitigate the distance the majority of youth experience when reaching out to handicapped people. Not only is JOY RIDE! financially more affordable solution, but it also provides additional advantages to all participants. We in LAYNO TOUR believe that everyone deserves to have the opportunity to enjoy the youth regardless any handicap.

  • Pragulic

  • VIM



    Most phones have a touch screen today. Their interface is very difficult to use for old people. Seniors have eye & vision and fine-motor problems, however they do not feel old yet! They want to stay active, listen to radio, use a camera… We created a new interface for touch screen phones optimized for old people. Contacts have large photos, text can be written on a large keyboard. Camera, alarm clock or flashlight apps are enlarged and simplified. Easy Phone has nice graphics, it is very fast even on cheap phones. Design is based on a research and usability tests with old people.

  • Houpací sociální sítě


    The project “Wish-nets: hammocks in public spaces” aims at making the public spaces friendlier by offering an unusual relaxing experience for people in the cities. The hammocks are weaved by young homeless people in a sheltered workshop in the social center „Naděje” close to the main train station in Prague. We work with these people for a few years by the means of theatre and art. Now we want to offer them a meaningful activity, which will bring a positive light on this often overseen minority and raise their self-awareness by the public attention to the products of their work.

  • Institut medicínského práva


    We are an opened group of law students and young legal professionals who realize the deficiencies of the present healthcare system. We believe that many of the issues are preventable and may be resolved by proper legal education, legal aid and professional dialogue with healthcare providers.
    For lawyers, it is easy to deal only with the consequences of the medical errors. But we aim to enhance the system itself, particularly by:
    - raising legal awareness of healthcare professionals and patients,
    - providing affordable legal help, and
    - supporting conciliatory and innnovative means.

  • Oživ vědu


    Oživ vědu! (Jazz Science Up!) aims to strengthening ties and relations between public and science. We will provide support to scientists to communicate their research to wide audience and enable them to gain funding for their work through crowdfunding (i.e. voluntary funding from community of interested Internet users). Thus our project will not only support projects otherwise possibly never realized, encourage young scientist to remain in the research field, make public review on the science, but mainly increase cooperation between academics and laics.

  • Patrioti MSK


    Our goal is to stop emigration of population out of Moravian-Silesian region by incerasing competitivenes and local business. During the last 10 years our population decreased by about 60 000 people, it was 4011 last year. We are facing the problem through leadership and entrepreneurship. Every 6 months we organise Partriot ́s meeting (1st = 80 participants, 2nd = 144) and between the meetings we open a Leadership Club for the best ones who want to accelerate their project. All our activities run without any public money or subsidies.

  • Pexeso nejen pro nevidomé


    My project is a board game that is primarily designed for the target group of visually impaired children.This game somehow solves the issue of integration of visually impaired children into society.
    While playing the Concentration Game, the blind can have fun, yet also practice the skills such as spacial orientation, tactile/haptic memory, develop their tactile perception and fine motor skills. The Concentration Game is also an experience based activity during which the blind can familiarize themselves with the 18 materials which substitute the traditional pictures.

  • Záchranářský balíček do firem


    Our goal is to raise awareness on how an individual can contribute to lowering food waste in society. The Save Food Company Package helps the employees of big companies to waste less food and their employers to be more socially responsible. The package is composed of specially designed food containers and magnetic food circle chart. The containers will help an employee to exchange leftovers with his colleague in a special “Save Food” shelf in the company’s fridge. The employee can find out more facts on food waste, tips on cooking and food storage from our magnetic circle placed on the fridge.

  • Zdrojovna


    Zdrojovna is the first creative community re-use centre for furniture, dishes and decorations in the Czech Republic. Quite fundamentally, it’s an alternative to the scrap yard, where dysfunctional or broken things get simply thrown away. Our core belief is that things should be reused, while they are still able to hold a purpose. We want people to learn to repair and renovate old things themselves. Our project contributes to the prevention of waste creation and supports the ideas of solidarity, sharing, intergenerational dialogue, the development of cooperation and environmental awareness.