CVS is adding another kind of touch-free payment: PayPal and Venmo QR codes

Image: PayPal CVS is expanding its payment options by teaming up with PayPal to use its QR codes as another touch-free form of payment at the retail pharmacy chain. PayPal and Venmo users can pay with money that’s already in their account instead of having to pay with a credit card, and Venmo users can also use Venmo Rewards to pay for items, all “without needing to touch a keypad or sign a receipt.”
CVS says the new QR codes will arrive at 8,200 of its US stores in the fourth quarter of 2020. Since we’re in the middle of an ongoing pandemic, it’s not the most ideal to be touching in public, so if you don’t have tap-to-pay on your phone or simply don’t use it, it’s another way to do touch-free payment at stores.
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After impassioned speech, AOC’s ban on US military recruiting via Twitch fails House vote

Image: U.S. Army Esports / Facebook An amendment proposed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) that would ban the US military from recruiting on Twitch failed a House vote Thursday evening. Had it passed, it would have been an amendment to the House Committee on Appropriations bill, which is part of the process in how the Pentagon’s annual budget is set.
The vote is now at 45 yeas to 105 nays. Majority is not in favor of @AOC's bill. The US Navy and Army have stated they will continue to stream on Twitch and declined to comment on pending legislation.
— Shannon Liao (@Shannon_Liao) July 30, 2020 Ocasio-Cortez tweeted her frustration at trying to win over her colleagues Thursday evening:
Imagine trying to explain to your colleagues who are members of Congress what…
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