Palantir still relies heavily on government contracts despite push for more corporate customers

Palantir, the controversial analytics and data mining firm, still relies heavily on its US government contracts for revenue despite its public statements that it was branching out into more corporate clients, according to screenshots of the company’s S-1 filing acquired by TechCrunch. The financials, which the New York Times also has viewed, show Palantir has not once turned a profit since its founding in 2003.
Add to that the news it’s moving out of Silicon Valley because of “increasing intolerance and monoculture,” and you end up with a picture of a company that doesn’t have a lot of growth potential. It’s now clear Palantir is dependent on the current administration in Washington to maintain its existing revenue streams.
Palantir c…
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Two of Hasbro’s remastered Super Soakers are being recalled

Image: Hasbro When Hasbro brought back three classic Super Soakers this spring, I was pretty pumped — but now, two of them are being recalled. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has announced that the Super Soaker XP20 and XP30 used too much lead in the ink when the manufacturer printed their labels, and should be immediately be returned to Hasbro for a full refund.
They were exclusively sold at Target between March and July of this year, and the CPSC says that Hasbro managed to ship some 52,900 of them so far. If you’re one of those nearly 53,000 buyers, you can email or click here for an online form.
(If you’re not sure which Super Soakers we’re talking about, take a look at the pictures above and below.)
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