The Aorus 15P is a light gaming laptop designed for esports pros

Image: Gigabyte Gigabyte has announced the Aorus 15P, a portable laptop tailored to professional gaming. It’s available now on Gigabyte’s online store, starting at $1,599.99.
The company says it worked with esports teams, including G2 Esports, to design the new laptop. It weighs 4.4 pounds (2kg) — which is portable so far as gaming laptops go — and it’s 0.9 inches thick. Gigabyte says the chassis passed “a series of pressure tests” for durability.
Gigabyte is promising up to eight hours of battery life, which is certainly an optimistic prediction for a gaming rig (and this one has a per-key RGB keyboard, which might draw some extra power).
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Go read this CNET story about the Avengers game that wasn’t

Image: Marvel Studios In 2011, before the Marvel Cinematic Universe became an unstoppable box office and cultural force, THQ Studio Australia was hard at work on a video game tie-in for an upcoming movie called The Avengers.
Not the Destiny-esque Marvel’s Avengers game that’s being released tomorrow — an Avengers game that never saw the light of day.
A first-person superhero brawler, instead of the traditional behind-the-character perspective.
A game on a deadline so stressful that one developer beat up his filing cabinet with an umbrella, and another decided to repeatedly stab his desk with a giant kitchen knife.
Today I am featured in an article about a game I worked on that never came out. It includes dev quotes like:
“Just put the knife down. We'll go…
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