Someone says they bought a Pixel 7 Pro prototype on Facebook Marketplace

Google shared a first look at the Pixel 7 Pro at I/O before the leaks came flooding in. | Image: Google Another alleged Google Pixel 7 prototype has surfaced, this time from a Reddit user who says they bought it on Facebook Marketplace. From appearances, it’s a Pixel 7 Pro, which Redditor AMC20_ says was listed as a Pixel 6 Pro without a box. It is not, in fact, a Pixel 6 Pro.
Google’s phones have a long history of unusual leaks, but even by Pixel standards, this is a strange one. It’s also the second time a prototype Pixel 7 Pro has surfaced in the last week. In case you missed episode one of this saga, someone listed a Pixel 7 prototype on eBay. As Android expert Mishaal Rahman pointed out, the photos seem to have been taken with another prototype unit — a Pixel 7 Pro, which can be seen in the reflection on the phone’s glossy back panel….
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