London paid a record price for electricity during its heatwave

Photo by Richard Baker / In Pictures via Getty Images Last week, the UK reached its highest temperature on record — 40 degrees Celsius, or more than 104 degrees Fahrenheit. On July 20th, as the record-breaking “Red Extreme” heatwave continued to linger, a Bloomberg op-edreports officials made the decision to pay a record price of £9,724.54 (about $11,685) per megawatt to ensure electricity for South London residents — about 5,000 percent higher than its usual average price of £178 per megawatt hour.
To avoid an energy short squeeze in 2021, the UK paid about £1,600 (more than $1,900) per megawatt to import energy.
Yesterday #gas produced 43.0% of British electricity, more than wind 23.5%, nuclear 15.1%, biomass 7.2%, solar 6.0%, imports 3.8%, coal 0.8%, hydro 0.7%, other 0.0% *excl….
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