Big Fitbit update adds Charge 4 health features, brings premium data to more users

The FitBit Charge 4 gets a healthy feature boost with a new update | Image: FitBit

Fitbit is offering a major update for some of its current smartwatches. As detailed by Wareable, the company is making new health data available to Charge 4 users and expanding access to previously paywalled information to more users. Fitbit, recently acquired by Google, continues its trend of supporting devices well after launch with feature updates and fixes to keep them fresh.

With the update, Charge 4 users will be able to access blood oxygen readings on the watchface, information that was previously available only through the app in sleep data. The update also adds skin temperature data to the Charge 4, which wasn’t offered previously on this device at all.

Owners of the Charge 4, Versa 2, and Inspire 2 also gain access to Health…

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