Criminal probe looking into misconduct allegations by former NASA official, WSJ reports

Doug Loverro, the former associate administrator for NASA’s human spaceflight program | Image: NASA

A federal criminal probe is looking into allegations of misconduct by a former NASA official who abruptly resigned from his position at the agency in May, The Wall Street Journal reports. Prosecutors are investigating if the official illegally disclosed information to Boeing about how to compete to build NASA’s new human lunar lander, the report states.

The target of the probe is Doug Loverro, who was NASA’s associate administrator for human spaceflight for around six months. On May 19th, Loverro suddenly left NASA just a week before two of the agency’s astronauts were set to launch on a historic mission with SpaceX to the International Space Station. At the time, Loverro said that he had taken a “risk” early in the year. “The risks we…

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