Go read this: the fight over YouTube creator Tim Pool’s news site — and a cat

Image: SCNR

YouTube drama remains some of the most interesting drama, and a new report from The Daily Beast on infighting at political YouTube creator Tim Pool’s news company — and the fate of a cat named Betsy — is no exception.

The Daily Beast’s Will Sommer sets the scene with Pool’s background as a former Vice reporter who went independent as an alt-right-adjacent YouTube creator. But the meat of the report is the fight over Subverse, a news media site with a YouTube channel (renamed SCNR for a hilarious reason you should read the report to learn) for which Pool and his former business partner, Emily Molli, raised over $1 million to start.

Molli was joined by another Vice alum, Rocco Castoro, to get the YouTube operation off the ground, and the…

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