Google Cloud employee calculates pi to 100 trillion digits

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Google Cloud developer advocate Emma Haruka Iwao has beaten her own record from three years ago for the number of digits calculated for pi. In 2019 she was able to calculate pi to its 31.4 trillionth digit, and now, using the same Google Cloud y-cruncher program Iwao was able to find pi to its 100 trillionth digit, which is zero.

After starting the process in October 2021 it took the computers until March 2022 to finish. At 157 days, compared to 121 days spent figuring out a shorter number in 2019, it was going more than twice as fast. According to Iwao, she was using the same tools and techniques, but the enhanced speed is due to how the parts of Google Cloud have improved since then with 100Gbps networking, balanced Persistent Disks,…

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