Lenovo updates even more of its ThinkPad lineup to Intel’s 10th Gen processors

The new X1 Extreme (pictured) can be equipped with an Nvidia GeForce 1650 Ti GPU. | Image: Lenovo

In case you were worried we might go a month without Lenovo announcing some new ThinkPad laptops, the company’s come through with updates to several of its models. There are new P Series models, as well as a new third-generation X1 Extreme, all running Intel’s 10th Gen processors. The big news here, is that as well as the spec bump these laptops will all support Lenovo’s new Ultra Performance Mode, which it says gives you more control over performance settings.

The idea behind Ultra Performance Mode is that you can use it to go beyond the normal restrictions placed on things like acoustics and temperatures. It’s essentially a new power setting, a company spokesperson told PCWorld. For example, it might be useful if you need your laptop…

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