Luminary gets into the exclusive album game

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Hi, everyone. Before we get into the news today, I have a very exciting announcement to share.

Later this month, Ariel Shapiro will join Hot Pod as our new lead writer. Ariel pioneered the podcast beat at Forbes, where she created the publication’s first top earners list for podcasters, reported on big tech’s swift moves into the space, and broke news about massive audio industry deals. She could not be a better fit, and I’m thrilled to have her joining the team.

We have a formal announcement out in The Verge’s newsroom with more details, and… would you look at that, there’s even more news hidden in there: The Verge’s publisher, Helen Havlak, shares that we’ve got some exciting growth plans for Hot Pod this year, including “another hire,…

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