M3gan’s serving Small Wonder with a side of murder in its first trailer

A tight shot of a very lifelike but decidedly off-putting and unsettling doll made to look like a young girl with abnormally large eyes that are piercing blue. The doll is making a visibly judgmental face and is flanked on either side by regular stuffed animals.
M3gan the doll sitting among her fellow playthings. | Universal Pictures

The poster alone for Universal’s upcoming horror M3gan, from director Gerard Johnstone, was enough to make it seem like the feature might be worthy of a spot in the great killer doll canon. But watching the movie’s trailer, it’s clear that M3gan’s going for a very of-the-moment kind of madness that owes just as much to Tesla’s totally real and almost functional robots as it does the Child’s Play franchise and classics like Small Wonder.

Written by Akela Cooper and co-producer James Wan, M3gan tells the tale of Gemma (Allison Williams), a roboticist whose work and personal life collide when her niece Cady (Violet McGraw) is suddenly orphaned after a car accident. Though Gemma’s not exactly keen on raising a child herself, in Cady, she…

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