Samsung’s colossal 1,000-inch MicroLED display has improved colors and a thinner design

The Wall as a massive in-store display. | Image: Samsung

Samsung is releasing a new version of The Wall, its massive modular MicroLED display. Measuring in at over 1,000 inches in size, the new “IWA Series” display is aimed at businesses and commercial applications rather than homes, and Samsung’s promotional images showcase it being used as a huge display in a retail environment. The display is available in “select markets” from today, but Samsung’s press release doesn’t publicly list a price.

Improvements for this year’s display include LEDs that are up to 40 percent smaller than last year, which Samsung says should lead to higher contrast and better color uniformity. The purity of The Wall’s colors has also been improved over the 2020 model, and Samsung boasts that it’s got a new AI…

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