Save $800 on this 55-inch OLED TV at Best Buy this weekend

Slim and sharp

OLED TVs have developed a reputation for being sharp, clean, fragile, but also remarkably expensive. But this weekend you can save a whopping $800 on this 55-inch OLED TV from Sony at Best Buy. At just 2.3-inches thick without its stand, the A8H, much like other OLED screens, is impossibly slim. This makes it ideal for wall mounting especially for anyone in pursuit of that ultra-clean, Ikea catalog aesthetic. In terms of apps, the A8H has access to the Android TV catalog and offers voice control via Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple AirPlay2. Besides having 4 HDMI ports that include a single audio return channel, the A8H also has a trio of USB ports and built-in Bluetooth for everything else.

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