Spotify says it plans to add AirPlay 2 to its iOS app — eventually

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Spotify still hasn’t added AirPlay 2 support to its iOS app — but despite the delay, it’s still “working to make [it] a reality,” the company tells The Verge. Some doubt was cast on AirPlay 2 inclusion when MacRumors spotted a forum post where a Spotify forum moderator claimed that “audio driver compatibility issues” might mean the feature wouldn’t be added for the foreseeable future. Spotify now claims that’s wrong.

The Verge received the following statement from Spotify regarding AirPlay 2:

A post on one of Spotify’s Community pages contained incomplete information regarding our plans for AirPlay2. Spotify will support AirPlay2 and we’re working to make that a reality.

AirPlay 2, added as part of iOS 11 update, introduced multiroom…

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