This week’s summer gaming events: Ubisoft Forward and Limited Run Games’ #LRG3

Image: Summer Game Fest

Even though E3, Gamescom, and other summer gaming events have become online-only or outright canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has already been a lot of gaming news this summer.

We finally know what the PlayStation 5 looks like and some of the games coming to the system, for example, and we’ve been given previews of Cyberpunk 2077, Star Wars: Squadrons, the future of Destiny 2, and more. But there are still more events ahead — including another Xbox digital games showcase, where Microsoft is expected to show Halo Infinite.

This week, you can look forward to Limited Run Games’ #LRG3 event on July 8th, focused on physical game releases, and the Ubisoft Forward event on July 12th, which will feature Ubisoft titles, including A…

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