UK’s Triumph Motorcycles introduces its first electric bike

Triumph, the premium British motorcycle brand most preferred by James Bond, is out with a new two-wheeler of a different sort. The Trekker GT is the world-famous motorcycle maker’s first electric bicycle, and, at first glance, it appears to be a highly capable commuter model. It won’t be cheap, though: the bike will be going on sale in Europe, the UK, and the US for £2,950 ($3,318).

The bike has a minimalist design, with much of the battery, wiring, and drivetrain tucked inside the hydro-formed, lightweight aluminum frame. Triumph says the Trekker GT is “perfect all-road choice for commuting, fitness and everyday riding fun” — although we’d have to test it before we could agree.

A minimalist design

Triumph outfitted its first e-bike…

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