Wemo’s new WiFi Smart Plug is smaller, cheaper, and available now

Wemo’s new miniaturized WiFi Smart Plug — which the company announced at CES earlier this year — is now available to actually buy.

The new Wemo WiFi Smart Plug is functionally the same as the previous model, but it’s 45 percent smaller than the old (and now somewhat inaccurately named) Wemo Mini model that preceded it. Like the last version, it supports Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and the Wemo app for your various smart home integrations.

The new plug is actually a fraction of a inch taller than the Wemo Mini, but it makes up for that by being far less wide than the old model. The WiFi Smart Plug now takes up just slightly more space than a three-prong plug, which should make it easier to discreetly…

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